2018 BIYMF Semi-finalists Announced!

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2018 BIYMF Semi-finalists

Congratulations to each of our semi-finalists selected to perform in this year’s Brisbane International Youth Music Festival!

Aaryn Wong
Altissimo Quartet
Chae Eun Oh
Doyoun Kim
Ella Chen
Emma Seedell-Greene
Eve Ferrie
George Steel
Ingram Fan
Isabella Oxenbridge
Isabelle Huang
Isabelle Woodruff
Ivy Han
James Birch
Kenneth Tsai
Kristelle Jaimes
Lidya Hasian
Lili Stephens
Naomi Li
Nina Fan
Paris Morgan
Robert Smith
Sophia Di Lucchio
Sylvia Du
Timothy Ray
Tina Gallo
Yena Gook
Yi Sun

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