Dear Emin and BIYMF 2016 Organisation,

After an exciting 3-day-stay in Brisbane with BIYMF 14-16 July, we are back in Melbourne.  We would like to say thank you very much for organising such a wonderful youth music festival.

We were thrilled for Leon being awarded the 1st Place Winner of Junior String Competition on the Final.  This is the greatest encouragement for his hard work.  He said that it was exciting to perform in front of the 5 adjudication panels and so many audiences.  He is very happy for his first visit to Brisbane at his 11 years old.  Leon’s participation to this international competition was truly an open-eye-wide experience.  It’s great to meet and watch so many talented young musicians performing – this was the largest benefit to Leon as he has learnt a lot from the other musicians over the past 3 days.


We wish the future Brisbane Youth Music Festivals all success.


Dear Mr Tagiev,

I write to thank you for all your efforts in organizing the BYMF Masterclasses and festival.

Both of my girls received very useful feedback from their tutors and it was a very valuable experience, not only because of the international standard but also the constructive teaching style.

The competition and performance itself was very well received by all who attended and I think it is a great credit to you for organizing it and bringing this experience to the young people here in Brisbane.

Your sincerely,

Puskarz Thomas

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